Soho Computer Services LLC.

SOHO: Small Office, Home Office computer services and support.

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  You don't usually like to think about it, but when your computer needs repairs, who will you call? Computerbusters? Web-based tech support is rarely (if ever) effective and is completely unreachable without an internet connection. Impersonal 'big box' stores can't think outside the box to repair your PC. In-home service for computer problems is not always desirable or convenient. Don't even get us started on phone tech support.

  How is SOHO different? We specialize in computer repairs and sales. Since we don't sell appliances or other unrelated items, we know your problems better than the big box stores. Our experienced and trained technicians are able to problem-solve independently. Our 'brick and mortar' location allows customers to drop off and pick up their computers at their convenience. Customers can talk to technicians face-to-face and work with them to solve their problems. SOHO has been a trusted source for computer sales and service for over 10 years.

Think of us as your personal IT department!

Here at SOHO, we also care about keeping the public safe and educated in cyberspace. Click here to learn about malware infection via an easy-to-follow graphic made right here in the shop.