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What to buy?

We are often asked what is the best Windows computer to buy? Many people will answer this by saying, "An Apple product". This is an entirely different discussion that I won't get into here. The answer to the question starts with answering another question - desktop or laptop? This is an easy question to answer. If you need wireless mobility or have limited space then a laptop will suit your needs. On the other hand, if you have the space and will be using your computer at a single location then a desktop may be for you. A desktop is more technician friendly when it comes to repairs and a custom-built desktop computer allows you to have exactly the power and performance you need. Whatever you decide suits your needs we recommend that you pay attention to the hardware specifications. An inexpensive computer may leave you disappointed with it's lack of performance or storage. Cheap is not always your best value.


About Our Computers

Custom-Built Desktops

We custom build desktops to our customer's specifications. We can provide anything from a basic home computer to a gaming rig. Our suggested home computer starts with an Intel i3 processor and can be customized to fit nearly any budget. Our desktops carry a 2-year limited warranty. Also, we copy personal files from your old computer to your new one at no charge. 


Due to the many varieties of notebooks and their shelf life we do not stock notebook computers. We have access to a wide variety of manufacturers and models. They are ordered from our supplier as requested. Why buy a notebook from SOHO? The answer is simple - better service. We charge the battery, get all the available updates, go through the set up steps, install software, and copy personal files from your old computer to your new one - all at no charge.

Quality Used Computers

We usually have a few quality used computers for sale. All used computers' drives are formatted and the operating system reinstalled to make sure you are getting a "fresh" install with no left over data or malware. They will carry at least a thirty day warranty. We strive to sell quality products whether new or used.

Our Current Computer Inventory


New Computer

New PC: SOHO Custom-Built

· Intel i3-7100 3.9 GHz Dual Core CPU

· 8 GB DDR4 2133 Memory

· Internal USB Multi-Card Reader 

· 24X DVD-RW Drive

· 480 GB Solid State Drive

· Integrated Intel HD Graphics 630 Video

· Integrated Sound

· Integrated Ethernet

· Windows 10 Home (64-bit) v.1809

S/N 20353 $679.00 2-Year Limited Warranty



Used Computer

Used Custom Built Computer

· Intel I5-3570K 3.40 GHz Quad-Core CPU

· 16 GB Memory

· 1 TB Hard Drive

· DVD-RW Drive

· GTX 760 2 GB PCI-e Graphics Card

· Integrated Ethernet

· Integrated Sound

· Windows 10 Home V.1809 (64-bit)

S/N U0333 $325.00 30-Day Warranty



Used Notebook Computer

Used HP Pavilion 15-n293cl TouchSmart 15.6” Notebook PC

 · Intel Core i5-4200U 1.6GHz (Turbo Boost up to 2.6GHz) Dual Core Hyperthreading CPU

· 12 GB DDR3 Memory

· Super Multi DVD Burner Drive

· SD Media Card Reader

· 1 TB Hard Drive

· Intel HD Graphics 4400

· Integrated Ethernet & DTS Sound

· Camera/Webcam

· 802.11b/g/n WLAN

· Windows 10 Home v.1903 (64-bit)

S/N U0358 $299.00 30-Day Warranty



Used Computer

  Used SOHO-Built Tower

· Intel i3 540 3.0 GHz CPU

· 4 GB Memory

· Internal Card Reader

· DVD-RW Drive

·2 - 320 GB Hard Drives

· Integrated Graphics

· Integrated Ethernet

· Integrated Sound

· Windows 10 Home v.1903 (64-bit)

S/N U0356 $200.00 30-Day Warranty



New Notebook Computer

  New HP 17-by0060nr 17.3” Touchscreen Notebook

· Intel i3 7020U 2.3GHz Dual Core Hyperthreading CPU

· 8 GB DDR4 Memory

· DVD-RW Drive

· 1 TB Hard Drive

· Intel Graphics 620

· Gigabit Ethernet

· Bluetooth

· Front Camera/Webcam

· 11 Hour Battery Run Time

· Windows 10 Home (64-bit)

Only $649.99 1 Year HP Warranty